Dear members of the NVCB,


It is a great pleasure to invite you for the 27th meeting of the NVCB will be held on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 November 2017 in conferentiecentrum Woudschoten te Zeist.

This year, the meeting will be organized in conjunction with the Bone Group of the Dutch Society for Endocrinology (NVE, ). We were able to realize a well-balanced and highly exciting program, with special emphasis on rare metabolic bone diseases clustered in two mini symposia. we have planned 5 key-note lectures on the subjects of: Bone biology update (Dr. B.C. van der Eerden, NL), Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Dr. Franken, NL), Hypophosphatasia (Dr. Laurent, BE), Hypophosphatemic Rickets (Dr. Mackitie, Fi), and Hypoparathyroism (Dr. Zillikens, NL). As a consequence, the program will be slightly longer, in order to be able to incorporate more clinically-oriented lectures and case reports, while maintaining enough time for plenary oral presentations by members of the Society on basic science and associated bone-related topics Please note, because of the full program, the meeting will start on Wednesday at 10.00h and will end on Thursday around 16.30h. The language used during the meeting will be English.


The final program will be sent by e-mail and will be published on the website of our society, A description how to reach the conference center can be found on the website of the center,


This year, elections will be held for the position of Chair and of Secretary. Astrid Bakker will be available for an additional term in the position of Secretary, while Carola Zillikens has served for the maximum of 6 years as chair. Nominations for the position of secretary and chair can be sent to the secretary. The elections will be held during the Algemene ledenvergadering (ALV) at Wednesday 8 November in Zeist.


The NVCB enhances bone research by the annual meeting, but also by providing travel grants, awards for the best bone and calcium-related PhD thesis and paper, and an award for the best presentation by a young investigator at the meeting of the NVCB. In 2017 a prize will be offered for the best publication, i.e. the Best Publication Award(250 Euro). PhD students as well as those that have received their PhD not longer than two years ago can apply for this award. As there were only a limited number of applications for the paper award in 2016, we will consider the original applications for the 2016 award as eligible for the 2017 award. The scientific publication should either be sent as pdf to, or in 5-fold to the secretary of the society (address provided below). The manuscript must have been published in a printed form between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017. The submission should be in the office of the secretary not later than 5 October, 2017.



The website is now open for registration and abstract submission for members of our society, and any other interested person. In principle, all abstracts (ranging from basic scientific abstracts to case reports) that comply with the criteria are selected for a short oral presentation, however, if more abstracts are received than can be incorporated in the program, an interactive poster session will be organized in order to give every speaker sufficient time to present. The deadline for submission of an abstract is 5 October 2017. Abstracts that arrive in the office of the secretary after this date will not be considered for presentation. Submission of abstracts is only possible via the website of the NVCB: The abstract should be in English. On the website (tab: registration) instructions are presented for submission. All abstracts should fulfill these criteria in order to be eligible.



Registration for the 2017 meeting of the NVCB is possible via the website of the NVCB. Registration on the NVCB website should be accompanied by paying the registration fee. Payment should be not later than 5 October, 2017 on account no.: NL40 ABNA 050 25 50 244, NVCB. Please indicate: Najaarsvergadering NVCB and your name. On-site registration is possible, but will cost an additional 30 EURO. Registration fees are non-refundable after October 6. Please note that the registration fees for members and non-members have been increased in order to cover the extra costs of the longer meeting in 2017, and to keep up with the increased costs of overnight accommodation. The increase in registration fees for students has been kept to an absolute minimum. In addition, a 1-day rate has been added.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Zeist in November!


Best regards,


Carola Zillikens           Nathalie Bravenboer               Astrid Bakker

Chair                         Treasurer                               Secretary




Secretariaat NVCB

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