Best Thesis Award

At upcoming annual NVCB meeting (November 2023) we will award the best thesis. The best thesis award is a presented every 2 years and includes a personal grant of 1000 euro.  To compete the candidates must :

  1. Have presented their work at the NVCB annual meeting at least 2 times
  2. Have a thesis on bone and calcium metabolism
  3. Defended thesis between 1st July 2021 and 1st July 2023
  4. Be a member of the NVCB at the time of the award
  5. Must be present either physically or have a designated back-up

The pdf file of the thesis can be send to the secretary of the society dr. ing. Jeroen van de Peppel ( If no pdf is available, you can send 4 printed copies to

Dr. Ing.  Jeroen van de Peppel, Erasmus MC, Inwendige Geneeskunde, Wytemaweg 80, 3000 CA Rotterdam.

A designated 3 member jury will decide on the outcome and the board of the society will present the award during the annual meeting . At least 4 candidates must enroll their thesis for the competition otherwise the award round will be postponed for 1 year.


2023 dr Ton Schoenmaker (ACTA) 
download the thesis here  Osteoclast formation in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva

2021 dr Maaike Schilperoort (LUMC) 
download the thesis here  It’s about time. 

2018 dr Bas Majoor (LUMC) :
download the thesis here Fibrous Dysplasia

2016 dr Carolina Medina-Gomez (Erasmus MC) 
download the thesis here Disentangling the heterogeneity of bone  accrual

2014 dr Antoon van Lierop (LUMC) 
download the thesis here Sclerostin: a key regulator of bone metabolism.

2012 dr Karol Estrada (Erasmus MC) 
download the thesis here Dissection of the complex genetic architecture of human stature and osteoporosis.

2010 dr Joyce Emons (LUMC) 
download the thesis here  Regulators of growth plate maturation.

2008 dr Aviral Vatsa (ACTA-UvA en VU) : Mechanosensing and chemical signaling in single osteocytes.

2006 dr Stephanie Schuit (Erasmus MC) : Genetics of the estrogen signaling pathway.

2004 dr Ermond van Beek (LUMC): Mechanism of action of bisphosphonates.